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Sun Protective Sportswear

Radicool Protection

Educate Yourself on Potential Sun Damage and Fight Back with Sun Protective Clothing

Why sun protective sportswear?

  • Sun damage is cumulative
  • 80% of lifetime skin damage occurs in the first 18 years. Kid’s 1-piece suits can protect them in these critical years of exposures
  • 90% of all skin cancers are caused by the lack of proper sun protection and are detectable. Stinger Suits are a great way to endure long exposure in the sun
  • Bottled sunscreens can be too easily washed, rubbed or wiped off. Protective swim wear gives you more time to enjoy the beach instead of constantly reapplying sunscreen
  • Cotton T-shirts do not provide adequate protection, some as low as SPF 5 and even lower when wet. Rash Guard Shirts provides 100+ SPF protection wet or dry
  • Pediatricians and dermatologists agree it is essential to provide the best sun protection. This not only includes shirts and shorts, but also protective hats for kids and adults

Radicool 100+SPF Skins: Efficient & Convenient 

  • Radicools protective swimwear is extremely efficient barrier against UV radiation
  • Radicools UVA and UVB protection is an convenient means of keeping your family safe under the sun
  • Colorful and stylish SPF swimwear so children & adults alike, want to wear them
  • Cool to wear because the protective swimwear fabric breathes
  • Blocks both UVA and UVB rays.
  • Every batch of protective swimwear is tested to ensure 100+ rating, wet or dry!
  • Exclusive fabric combines a unique knit and yarn to ensure the very best protection
  • Radicools fabric is more dense and robust than others, and with proper care will easily cope with chlorinated water

What products does Radicool offer?

Radicool Canada is offering the Alpha line and expanding the Radicool 100+SPF Skins product line with:


Children’s Sun Protective Sportswear:

  • Short Sleeve Sun Shirt (Rash Guard Shirt)
  • Long Sleeve Sun Shirt (Rash Guard Shirt)
  • One Piece Sun Suit
  • Legionnaires Hats
  • Radicool Caps
  • New, full-length Stinger Suit

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Adult Sun Protective Sportswear:

  • Short Sleeve Sun Shirt (Rash Guard Shirt)
  • Long Sleeve Sun Shirt (Rash Guard Shirt)
  • Adult (OSFA) Legionnaire Hats (unique Flaps Up 0+SPF)
  • Full-length Stinger Suit
  • New Legionnaire Hats (recommended by Dermatologists & Pediatricians)

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Children's 100+ UPF/SPF Legionnaire

  • Sun hats are great for beach and water-oriented activities
  • Proprietary fabric assures maximum protection, whether wet or dry!
  • Bright colors coordinate with Skins swimwear and ensure you can see your children from a distance

New Flaps Up SPF 50+ Styles (Available for Children and Adults):

  • Tuck-A-Way Neck & Ear Flap
  • Glare-resistant waterproof brim
  • 2 Pro-Tex panels wick away moisture & dissipate heat
  • anti-microbial sweat band
  • great for golf, baseball, soccer, gardening, etc. whether you are participating or observing!


The Australian Experience! Unique 100+ SPF/UPF Protection

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Materials vary significantly in their ability to block ultraviolet radiation. Any fabric rated above UPF 30 provides good protection against UV radiation but design, comfort, colour and tightness of the weave are also important factors to be taken into account. 
As well as composition and weave, sensible design can make a large difference to your overall level of UV radiation protection. 
Different materials such as cotton, polyester and nylon have different UV radiation absorbing properties. Polyester, silk and wool exhibit better UV radiation blocking properties than cotton or rayon. Cotton offers the lowest UPF protection.

Closely woven fabric provide greater protection from UV radiation as they have smaller holes in the fabric and will let less UV radiation pass through the fabric to reach your skin. 
A tight fit resulting in stretched material allows more UV radiation to pass through the material resulting in reduced protection. In addition, many fabrics, especially cotton, offer lower protection from UV radiation when wet. The drop in levels of protection depends on the type of fabric and the amount of moisture it absorbs when wet.
(ref. SunSmart at
While a rating of 50+spf/upf for clothing items may be protective, such as with regular lycra, it will lose approx. 60% of its UV blocking ability when it gets wet, dropping to about 20spf. As the product wears and is repeatedly washed the knit may start to look hairy. These filaments/hairs can be washed away leading to a further reduction in the spf (i.e. the 50+spf has gone down to 20spf, now may drop down to the 6-8 spf range) resulting in an unexpectedly low protection level.

The uniquely different Radicool  sportswear, The Australian Experience, is made from a unique, robust knit and yarn to ensure the best protection, dry or wet. This higher density of material provides an increased number of filaments per area measurement which leads to a very tight weave and the least transmission of UV. Radicool material testing consistently rates mean UPF measurements >290 when dry, ensuring maximum protection of 100+UPF/SPF dry or wet!
(analysis performed in accordance with Australian/NZ Standard AS/NZS 4399: 1996 Sun Evaluation and Classification, Appendix A).
The manufacturer of Radicool is licensed by ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Association) and each batch is tested stringently.
This superior quality resulted in SwimAmerica, the leading Learn-To-Swim program in America with over 211 franchises announcing it has solidified a multi-year licensing and sponsorship deal with Australian based apparel manufacturer, Radicool Australia as its Official UV Protective Swimwear Manufacturer. There press announcement reads: 
SwimAmerica will provide Radicool Australia, which manufactures the Radicool and Alpha 100+ brands, the ability to impact a segment of its core market through a variety of marketing vehicles including print advertising, sampling, couponing and web-site presence. SwimAmerica provides drowning prevention, water safety and learn-to-swim curriculum for over 100,000 children per year. 
When asked about this sponsorship, SwimAmericas Executive Director, Karen Leonard said, "Radicool Australia provides SwimAmerica a product that is essential for providing outdoor, year-round learn-to-swim lessons for our 6-48 month old children. In South Africa and Australia, UV Protective apparel and swimwear is very common and mandatory for young children. As a company we try to be on the cutting edge with our technology, training, and alliances." 


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